TECHNOMED “Technology in medicine”

TECHNOMED “Technology in medicine”As we mentioned some time ago, REH4MAT is a member of cluster TECHNOMED “Technology in medicine” that was set up togerther with the University of Rzeszów and Rzeszow University of Technology and Science as well with the specialists in the field of orthopedics. In connection the cluster, on October 17th we took part in the first Rzeszów Forum of Technology in Medicine, which main conception was 'from idea to industry'.... Read More »

Professional Orthopaedic Braces

Professional Orthopaedic BracesContusions, strains and other injuries are common in people regardless of their age and profession. Patients suffer from painful syndromes of knees, ankles and spine mostly. When injury occurs, professional orthopaedic braces, collars and orthoses will help us to regain the health and... Read More »

Knee ligament injury

Knee ligament injuryHow can you deal with the injury of knee ligament ? If I am exposed to damage of the ligaments, is it possible to prevent from it? You can find many similar posts related to this subject on Internet forums. Torn or damage of the ligaments are an inherent part of physical... Read More »

REH4MAT supports dogs!

REH4MAT supports dogs!Our devices are very popular not only in Poland but also all over the word. Every day, we make our best to meet your expectations providing you the high-quality devices and offering you new products that appear in our offer. However, problems with mobility appear not only among people but among animas as well. Braces and stabilizers prepared by zoophysiatrists and zootechnicians are equipped with our patented... Read More »

Classification of REH4MAT orthoses

ANATOMIC CLASSIFICATION ACCORDING TO THE BODY PARTS: Fingers and hand orthosis Wrist orthosis Forearm orthosis Elbow orthosis Shoulder orthosis Upper limb orthosis Cervical spine orthosis Thoracic spine orthosis Cervical-thoracic spine orthosis CTO Cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral spine orthosis CTLSO Thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis Lumbar-sacral orthosis Lumbar orthosis Sacral orthosis Pelvic orthosis Lower limb and hip orthosis Lower limb orthosis Hip... Read More »

The effectiveness of using rigid pelvic belts AM-PES-05 and AM-PC-02

Sacroiliac instability and more prone to diastasis symphysis pubis (DSP) is always connected with pain and discomfort for pregnant women. Studies described above show that rigid pelvic belts such as AM-PC-02 or AM-PES-05 reduce the pain significantly in the pelvic... Read More »

REH4MAT among sport stars!

REH4MAT among sport stars!REH4MAT braces were chosen by national polish football team LECH POZNAŃ, that entrusted us the safekeeping of club players! Now, it’s time for... Read More »

REH4MAT devices chosen again by the Olympian!

REH4MAT devices chosen again by the Olympian!Do you remember when REH4MAT devices were presented during Olympic Games in Rio last year? Wiktor Chabel – a rower, Olympian, brown medal winner during European Championship in 2009 and 2011 – has tested the durability of our devices and researched their usefulness while physical activity. We have chosen few elbow stabilizers belonging to our... Read More »


PECTUS CARINATUM – THE MAJOR CHAST DEFORMITY AMONG CHILDRENPectus carinatum is major deformity in the chest area, that can be described as a protrusion of the chest over the sternum, often described as giving the person a bird-like appearance. The frequency of pectus carinatum is 1-3 on every 1000 births and it is most common among males. It may occur as a solitary... Read More »

AM-SL-01/CCA in Olympic Games in Rio!

AM-SL-01/CCA in Olympic Games in Rio!The Olympic Games are over and emotions connected with that event have already subsided as well. During that time we were keeping our fingers crossed for our national rowing team. Wiktor Chabel, who was testing our device AM-SL-01/CCA with innovative CCA system before the Games, was part of the team. AM-SL-01/CCA met his expectations and... Read More »