Runner time

Runner timeRunning is an popular sport in Poland with a lot of benefits. People who train jogging systematically has better mood and satisfied with overcoming personal limitations. It’s one of the easiest sport activities and does not required special equipment.... Read More »

Sport is life

Sport is lifeThe high availability of well-equipped gyms and the ongoing trend promoting healthy lifestyle, means that more and more people chose to play sports. Injuries happen to inexperienced beginners as well as advanced athletes that push their... Read More »

We are not afraid of water

We are not afraid of waterSummer is usually associated with relax, fun and rest. The most popular way of relax is sunbathing and playing in the water. Lakes, pools or sea encourage people to swim and play in the water. Unfortunately, summer is also time that may result in variuos injuries especially among children. A large amount of free time, outdoor play or sports can lead to sprains or dislocations, especially in the wrist or ankle... Read More »

Let’s play together! – ACL injury as the most common problem among footballers

Let’s play together! – ACL injury as the most common problem among footballersFootballers’ injuries are nearly 50% of all sports injuries. Most of them are injuries of the lower limbs. How to reduce the susceptibility to injuries? What to do to get back to the game quickly after the injury? The first advice will definitely be warming up before the match, but it is only half the... Read More »

Let`s play together!

Let`s play together!

When footballer twist his ankle!

Sport is health, but it has not only benefits, often it causes injuries. Every footballer knows what it means to be fouled or overtrain. Check what is threatening you while playing football, how to protect yourself from injuries and how to fight with... Read More »

Kids rules!

Kids rules!Every child loves fun and crazy outdoors. Playgrounds, family trips or bike trips are their favourite attractions. The games are often causes injuries and it‘s especially dangerous for younger children. Your child is exposed to overload also when practicing sports, and even at home and the same at school. Some children are born with deformities or acquire them in early childhood. We can help... Read More »

Born to be a Rider!

Born to be a Rider!When you ride a motorcycle, you feel freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, motorcycles are also associated with unpleasant injuries and, according to many, they are simply dangerous. But really, if we follow some basic rules, the motorcycle will not hurt... Read More »

Tell your mum “I love you”

Tell your mum “I love you”Mother’s Day is a special day to honour mothers’ hard work and appreciate their role. It’s celebrated on various days in the world, but the idea is universal. We want to say “thank you” to our mothers for their efforts, restless nights and we should definitely give them a hug of love. They always devote their lives and expect nothing in return. However, it is worth thinking about mother and think about what would make her happy. If you have no idea what to choose for a gift, to show your love and gratitude, we suggest the best option, so that Mom would spend a few moments just for herself. Make your mother relax and make her feel... Read More »

Show your summer outfeet!

Show your summer outfeet!Beautiful summer feet are very important. Everyone want to wear sandals and enjoy the sun, but it is sometimes impossible because of the hallux, which we can inherit, or acquire by wearing unsuitable... Read More »

Cycling for health!

Cycling for health!Everyone knows this feeling - wind in your hair, freedom and steering wheel in your hands. A bicycle - a reliable friend from an early age! If you decide to use this type of transport, you choose your lifestyle! But do you know what benefits you get for... Read More »