Born to be a Rider!

Born to be a Rider!When you ride a motorcycle, you feel freedom and happiness. Unfortunately, motorcycles are also associated with unpleasant injuries and, according to many, they are simply dangerous. But really, if we follow some basic rules, the motorcycle will not hurt... Read More »

Tell your mum “I love you”

Tell your mum “I love you”Mother’s Day is a special day to honour mothers’ hard work and appreciate their role. It’s celebrated on various days in the world, but the idea is universal. We want to say “thank you” to our mothers for their efforts, restless nights and we should definitely give them a hug of love. They always devote their lives and expect nothing in return. However, it is worth thinking about mother and think about what would make her happy. If you have no idea what to choose for a gift, to show your love and gratitude, we suggest the best option, so that Mom would spend a few moments just for herself. Make your mother relax and make her feel... Read More »

Show your summer outfeet!

Show your summer outfeet!Beautiful summer feet are very important. Everyone want to wear sandals and enjoy the sun, but it is sometimes impossible because of the hallux, which we can inherit, or acquire by wearing unsuitable... Read More »

Cycling for health!

Cycling for health!Everyone knows this feeling - wind in your hair, freedom and steering wheel in your hands. A bicycle - a reliable friend from an early age! If you decide to use this type of transport, you choose your lifestyle! But do you know what benefits you get for... Read More »

Keep calm and play tennis!

Keep calm and play tennis!Let`s grab the rocket, take the balls and go on the court! Tennis is played by millions of people around the world, and the number of people is growing steadily year by year. Why? What makes this part of sport a... Read More »

Let`s sleep well!

Let`s sleep well!We love to sleep and it is very important for everyone - both for physical and mental health. Lack of sleep leads to numerous disorders of the body's work, problems and... Read More »

Be an active senior!

Be an active senior!Have you ever wondered how autumn of your parents life will look like? Do you want to make them as active as you are and go riding a bike with them? And maybe it's that time right now to put them up to being a fit senior? If you are ready to do it, we have some tips and advices for... Read More »

Run safe and healthy!

Run safe and healthy!Spring is comming, everything is awaking to life, and readiness for changes is approaching. It`s time to throw out winter dream and start working on yourself. Walking, bike, rollers? Or running? Why... Read More »


TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD’S KNEE!Our paediatric braces are a perfect solution in case of immobilizing knee joint and providing its lateral stabilization. In our offer, we have 3 different types of braces dedicated to the youngest patients. The braces are a good alternative for a traditional cast. They will help if the ACL or meniscus are damaged or if the knee is sprained.... Read More »

TECHNOMED “Technology in medicine”

TECHNOMED “Technology in medicine”As we mentioned some time ago, REH4MAT is a member of cluster TECHNOMED “Technology in medicine” that was set up togerther with the University of Rzeszów and Rzeszow University of Technology and Science as well with the specialists in the field of orthopedics. In connection the cluster, on October 17th we took part in the first Rzeszów Forum of Technology in Medicine, which main conception was 'from idea to industry'.... Read More »