Cycling for health!

Cycling for health!

Everyone knows this feeling – wind in your hair, freedom and steering wheel in your hands. A bicycle – a reliable friend from an early age! If you decide to use this type of transport, you choose your lifestyle! But do you know what benefits you get for yourself?

By choosing a bike you can enjoy the ride, burn calories and improving your metabolism. Even half-hour cycling allows you burn up to 500 kcal and reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol in the body. Are you tired? By riding a bike you feel relaxed and you can improve your resilience. In addition, the bike is very useful for heart protection and hypertension. Can you see that your heart rate is not as fast as at the beginning of your cycling adventure and you are not breathless!

Rowerem po zdrowie!

Do you want to have beautifully sculpted legs? Take your bike and go! The bike is a great way to strengthen joints, as well as the back muscles that support the lower, lumbar spine.

Injuries are durable element of cycling and every cyclist experienced this unpleasant event. When an injury gets us, it’s too late to do anything. We can only reduce her ailment or by applying appropriate regeneration and say them “good bye”.

Excessive lateral pressure syndrom- ELPST is excessive lateral displacement of the patella during knee movements. The wrong track of patellar movement leads to pathology in the patellofemoral joint and disturbs its proper functioning. Our patella knee brace AM-OSK-Z is recommended to prevent against the patella dislocation.


Kneecap support AM-OSK-Z with patella donut is made of innovative, high-compressive and skin-friendly material, called CottonPren. The fabric is made of neoprene foam, laminated with polyester and interal elastic cotton terry. Our kneecap support AM-OSK-Z supports and stabilises injured, weak or arthritic kneecap and patellofemoral joint during occupational and sporting activities. It’s equipped with anatomic-shaped patella donut and special rear and front straps providing excellent patella stabilisation. Polyamide buckles allow to adjust the level of knee compression.

AS-KX-04 is very comfortable short brace to patellar lateral dislocation treatment. The brace is made of unique airy materials. The patellar support is provided by soft lateral pelotte, equipped with two independent circumferential straps attaching above and under the knee. Additionally, adjustable silicone pelotte sets patella properly.


While knee flexion or extension the circumferential straps cooperate with silicone pelotte and set patella properly what decreases knee pain. Frontal part of the brace is made of perforated, non-elastic ActivPren which compress knee joint. AS-KX-04 brace is the excellent solution for athletes and others who need everyday support during daily activities.

Do you know that ITBS – Iliotibial band syndrome also affects cyclists? It is manifested in acute pain in the lateral area of ​​the knee, about 3 cm above the line of the joint and this pain can radiate up to the shin. Pain occurs during sports activities and temporarily subsides when the limb is fully extended. This injury is often called “runner knee syndrome”, but this injury also affects cyclists. How to avoid the pain? OKD-17 ITB strap works easily – it off loads the iliotibial band in the knee’s area, reducing the inflammation. This solution allows to treat condition faster than surgery.


Additional advantage is silicone insert provides vibration dampening that supports the inflammation area and prevents against the strap’s slipping. The silicone insert improves the cellular metabolism and blood circulation. Micro-massage stimulates the cellular activity and increases the permeability of a plasma membrane. In this case the inflammation is reduced. OKD-17 ITB strap supports tendons and muscles what allows to continue the physical activity. If you are a cyclist, our OKD-17 ITB Strap with Silicone Insert for Vibration Dampening is special for you!

Are you suffer from patellar tendinopathy? Treatment of the patellar tendonitis bases on off-loading of the patella tendon and exercises. What’s more, this non-operative treatment has better results than surgery. In order to this, we created our patella strap AS-P/RZ with silicone insert for dampening vibration.


Silicone insert in AS-P/RZ kneecap brace provides dampening therapeutic vibration with your every step and keep the strap in place. Our AS-P/RZ strap supports the kneecap and patellar tendon, what limits the stress of the quadriceps on the shin bone and reduces pain. It allows to prevent against the chondromalacia patellae (CMP).

The best solution for this injury is EB-P/RZ brace too. The brace support the external insertion of the quadriceps femoris tendon. Thanks to that it stabilizes and support the knee-cap and prevents the patellofemoral pain.


The brace contains silicon anatomic-shaped pad also, which is semi-rigid and provides great knee support. Furthermore, this anatomic shape prevents slipping the brace during the physical activities. Additionally the use of Velcro tape allows for final fit of the support to the knee joint. This is the best solution for athletes.

Riding a bike has a lot of advantages. You will feel better, look better and you can make your body stronger! Let`s go riding a bike!

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