We are not afraid of water

We are not afraid of water

Summer is usually associated with relax, fun and rest. The most popular way of relax is sunbathing and playing in the water. Lakes, pools or sea encourage people to swim and play in the water. Unfortunately, summer is also time that may result in variuos injuries especially among children. A large amount of free time, outdoor play or sports can lead to sprains or dislocations, especially in the wrist or ankle joint.

Sprain is a mild when the joint capsule is suddenly stretched or torn and as a result the range of movement within the joint is limited. Within a few hours, there some pain and swelling appears. A dislocation is more serious injury that can be described as the displacement of joint surfaces. Sometimes the muscle or ligament can be ruptured, especially during a sudden movement. The injured joint should not be overloaded and a cold compress should be applied immediately after the injury, which will provide a relief and improve recovery. During convalescence period, the correct positioning of the joint and its stiffening are crucial. Depending on which joint has been damaged, we can choose between a traditional cast or innovative orthopedic brace. Whenever there is the possibility of eliminating the plaster, the use of such a solution brings many benefits.

Replace your uncomfortable cast with lightweight and effective brace

Has your kid an injured wrist? It doesn’t mean that it has to feel lonely and watch how much fan have other children!

Especially among youngest patients, orthopedic devices that are not only good while prevention or convalescence period, but only it is possible to use them while playing even in the water, are the most popular devices. This is the crucial factor while choosing the best product for children, especially in the summer. It is hard to imagine the world within swimming in a pool or lake.

Most of our devices can be freely used while playing in the water, what ensures the best possible level of support after a wrist or ankle injury.

The products dedicated to heal wrist injury EB-N-01 and AM-OSN-U-01 are made of the highest quality fabrics that do not absorb water and are skin-friendly. Spontaneous water polo game will not affect the functioning of products. It means that your child doesn’t have to give up summer attractions and can enjoy playing in the water!


Apart from wrist injuries, problems with ankle are also common. Skipping, a sudden falling down while climbing a tree or while riding a bike – these are the reasons of an injury. Do not worry! We have a solution for you! Our bestselling ankle braces AM-OSS-03 and AM-OSS-05 will protect your kid’s leg in a perfect way! An injury does not mean that your child is forced to wear a heavy cast for a couple of weeks! Let your skin breathe! A child can use a brace in a swimming pool or a lake and enjoy the summer!


Recovery period after an injury or protection from a possible disease does not have to limit summer activities! Just choose the best products for your young patient!

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